struct mrpt::obs::CObservationGasSensors::TObservationENose


The structure for each e-nose.

#include <mrpt/obs/CObservationGasSensors.h>

struct TObservationENose
    // fields

    math::TPose3D eNosePoseOnTheRobot;
    std::vector<float> readingsVoltage;
    std::vector<int> sensorTypes;
    bool hasTemperature {false};
    float temperature {0};
    bool isActive;

    // construction



math::TPose3D eNosePoseOnTheRobot

The pose of the sensors on the robot.

std::vector<float> readingsVoltage

The set of readings (in volts) from the array of sensors (size of “sensorTypes” is the same that the size of “readingsVoltage”)

std::vector<int> sensorTypes

The kind of sensors in the array (size of “sensorTypes” is the same that the size of “readingsVoltage”) The meaning of values for types of sensors is as follows: 0x0000 : No sensor installed in this slot 0x2600 : Figaro TGS 2600 0x2602 : Figaro TGS 2602 0x2620 : Figaro TGS 2620 0x4161 : Figaro TGS 4161.

bool hasTemperature {false}

Must be true for “temperature” to contain a valid measurement.

float temperature {0}

Sensed temperature in Celcius (valid if hasTemperature=true only)

bool isActive

True if the input to this chamber/enose is poluted air, False if clean air.