struct mrpt::maps::COccupancyGridMap2D::TUpdateCellsInfoChangeOnly


An internal structure for storing data related to counting the new information apported by some observation.

#include <mrpt/maps/COccupancyGridMap2D.h>

struct TUpdateCellsInfoChangeOnly
    // fields

    bool enabled {false};
    double I_change {0};
    int cellsUpdated {0};
    int laserRaysSkip {1};

    // construction



bool enabled {false}

If set to false (default), this struct is not used.

Set to true only when measuring the info of an observation.

double I_change {0}

The cummulative change in Information: This is updated only from the “updateCell” method.

int cellsUpdated {0}

The cummulative updated cells count: This is updated only from the “updateCell” method.

int laserRaysSkip {1}

In this mode, some laser rays can be skips to speep-up.