struct mrpt::maps::COccupancyGridMap3D::TRenderingOptions


Options for the conversion of a mrpt::maps::COccupancyGridMap3D into a mrpt::opengl::COctoMapVoxels.

#include <mrpt/maps/COccupancyGridMap3D.h>

struct TRenderingOptions
    // fields

    bool generateGridLines {false};
    bool generateOccupiedVoxels {true};
    bool visibleOccupiedVoxels {true};
    bool generateFreeVoxels {true};
    bool visibleFreeVoxels {true};

    // construction


    // methods

    void writeToStream(mrpt::serialization::CArchive& out) const;
    void readFromStream(mrpt::serialization::CArchive& in);


bool generateGridLines {false}

Generate grid lines for all octree nodes, useful to draw the “structure” of the octree, but computationally costly (Default: false)

bool generateOccupiedVoxels {true}

Generate voxels for the occupied volumes (Default=true)

bool visibleOccupiedVoxels {true}

Set occupied voxels visible (requires generateOccupiedVoxels=true) (Default=true)

bool generateFreeVoxels {true}

Generate voxels for the freespace (Default=true)

bool visibleFreeVoxels {true}

Set free voxels visible (requires generateFreeVoxels=true) (Default=true)


void writeToStream(mrpt::serialization::CArchive& out) const

Binary dump to stream.

void readFromStream(mrpt::serialization::CArchive& in)

Binary dump to stream.