template class mrpt::opengl::CGeneralizedEllipsoidTemplate


A class that generalizes the concept of an ellipsoid to arbitrary parameterizations of uncertainty shapes in either 2D or 3D.

See derived classes for examples.

Please read the documentation of CGeneralizedEllipsoidTemplate::setQuantiles() for learning the mathematical details about setting the desired confidence interval.

The main method to set the modeled uncertainty is setCovMatrixAndMean()

By default, only the front faces are rendered. Use cullFaces() to change if needed.



The dimensionality of the parameter space, which must coincide with that of the rendering space (2 or 3)

#include <mrpt/opengl/CGeneralizedEllipsoidTemplate.h>

template <int DIM>
class CGeneralizedEllipsoidTemplate:
    public mrpt::opengl::CRenderizableShaderTriangles,
    public mrpt::opengl::CRenderizableShaderWireFrame

// direct descendants

class CEllipsoid2D;
class CEllipsoid3D;
class CEllipsoidInverseDepth2D;
class CEllipsoidInverseDepth3D;
class CEllipsoidRangeBearing2D;
class CSphere;

Inherited Members

    // structs

    struct OutdatedState;
    struct RenderContext;
    struct State;

    // methods

    virtual void render(const RenderContext& rc) const = 0;
    virtual void renderUpdateBuffers() const = 0;
    virtual shader_list_t requiredShaders() const;
    virtual void freeOpenGLResources() = 0;
    virtual void onUpdateBuffers_Triangles() = 0;
    virtual void onUpdateBuffers_Wireframe() = 0;