namespace mrpt::comms


Serial and networking devices and utilities.

namespace comms {

// namespaces

namespace mrpt::comms::net;

// typedefs

typedef std::deque<TFTDIDevice> TFTDIDeviceList;

// structs

struct TFTDIDevice;

// classes

class CClientTCPSocket;
class CInterfaceFTDI;
class CSerialPort;
class CServerTCPSocket;
class Subscriber;
class Topic;
class TopicDirectory;

// global functions

std::ostream& operator << (std::ostream& o, const TFTDIDevice& d);
void registerAllClasses_mrpt_comms();

} // namespace comms


typedef std::deque<TFTDIDevice> TFTDIDeviceList

Used in CInterfaceFTDI::ListAllDevices.

Global Functions

std::ostream& operator << (std::ostream& o, const TFTDIDevice& d)

Print out all the information of a FTDI device in textual form.