struct mrpt::obs::CObservation2DRangeScanWithUncertainty::TEvalParams

#include <mrpt/obs/CObservation2DRangeScanWithUncertainty.h>

struct TEvalParams

    double prob_outliers {0.5};
    double prob_lost_ray {0.3};
    double max_prediction_std_dev {1.0};
    double min_ray_log_lik {-20.0};

    // construction



double prob_outliers {0.5}

(Default: 0.5) Probability of having an outlier (dynamic obstacles, not mapped) in each scan ray.

double prob_lost_ray {0.3}

(Default: 0.3) Conditional probability: how many of the “no return” ranges come from a failure to detect a real obstacle.

double max_prediction_std_dev {1.0}

(Default: 1.0m) Maximum std deviation of overall uncertainty for a range prediction to be considered as reliable for evaluation

double min_ray_log_lik {-20.0}

(Default: -20) Minimum log-likelihood of a single ray