struct mrpt::obs::TRangeImageFilterParams


Used in CObservation3DRangeScan::unprojectInto()

#include <mrpt/obs/TRangeImageFilter.h>

struct TRangeImageFilterParams
    // fields

    bool rangeCheckBetween {true};
    const mrpt::math::CMatrixF* rangeMask_min {nullptr};
    const mrpt::math::CMatrixF* rangeMask_max {nullptr};
    bool mark_invalid_ranges {false};

    // construction



bool rangeCheckBetween {true}

Only used if both rangeMask_min and rangeMask_max are present.

This switches which condition must fulfill a range D to be accepted as valid:

  • rangeCheckBetween=true : valid = (D>=rangeMask_min && D<=rangeMask_max)

  • rangeCheckBetween=false : valid = !(D>=rangeMask_min && D<=rangeMask_max)

Default value:true

const mrpt::math::CMatrixF* rangeMask_min {nullptr}

(Default: nullptr) If provided, each data range will be tested to be greater-than (rangeMask_min) or less-than (rangeMask_max) each element in these matrices for each direction (row,col).

Values of 0.0f mean no filtering at those directions. If both rangeMask_min and rangeMask_max are provided, the joint filtering operation is determined by rangeCheckBetween

bool mark_invalid_ranges {false}

If enabled, the range pixels of points that do NOT pass the mask filter will be marked as invalid ranges (=0) in the source 3D observation object.